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Meditation calms and steadies the mind bringing the meditator into contact with the source of his or her being. It expands intuitional knowledge and awakens an ecstatic or blissful feeling. Some forms of meditation involve emptying the mind; others use visualisation and most require controlled breathing. Passage meditation involves memorising and silent repetition of scripture from spiritual texts. Meditation and mindful practices take us beyond the boundaries of our thoughts. They teach us to transcend the limiting input that thoughts generate. Start off with a basic form of meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax each part of the body and let go of tense areas. See your thoughts as pages in a book, as they come into focus, let them pass by turning them like you would turn a page. The goal is to empty your mind. At first this might seem impossible, don’t let it stress you, just watch your thoughts go by without interacting with them. Do this for five minutes every day and slowly increase the time spent meditating. This practise will teach you to be peaceful no matter what you are thinking or what is happening around you.


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